mardi 18 novembre 2008

S? Pourquoi tapper vous "S" dans votre barre de recherche?

Je pense que comme moi, beaucoup d'utilisateurs des services Google tapent s dans la barre de recherche de leur navigateur pour accéder à leur compte Google.

Pourquoi s me demanderez-vous? Parce que c'est la lettre la plus accessible de la main gauche, votre main droite utilisant la souris pour cliquer dans barre de recherche.

La barre d'outils Google pourrait être une solution à ce problème, mais configurer les services que vous voudriez y voir apparaître s'avère difficile. Par ailleurs, ça fait une barre en plus dans votre navigateur, barre dont vous n'avez pas nécessairement toujours besoin.

s barre outils google

En fait, il s'agit là d'un problème plus général: comment accéder rapidement à des pages web ou des programmes? Enso de Humanized est une réponse à ce problème, mais il faut être un adepte des lignes de commande. Voici une présentation (en Anglais):

Si vous êtes un adepte du s dans la barre de recherche de votre navigateur ou que vous connaissez un moyen plus rapide d'accéder à son compte Google, n'hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire.

lundi 9 juin 2008

Rent online and save-make money with Zilok!

logo-zilok-rent-onlineZilok is the Ebay for renting; it allows private individuals and professionals renting their goods.

It has a great user interface where you can search by category, keywords and location. Search results are displayed on a map and in a list. You can sort and filter the results in many ways (price, distance, image presence ...). You can also compare goods and a reputation system helps you to identify good owners.

Once registered you can add any object you own for rental purposes. Based on your rental conditions, Zilok will create a rental agreement that you can use with renters. The final deal is done in real life between both parties.

Will it work? It seems to, of course with professionals but also with private individuals. A lot of people own goods that they do not use a lot and Zilok is a good way to monetize them. But the challenge is to create a big user base to have lots of goods in many places and good owners evaluations. To create it, Zilok could create more accessible services like a "meet your neighbors" application and leverage existing social networks with an Open Social application. You can see the effect it had on Plaxo in one of my previous post: Plaxo pulse takes off thanks to open social.

You have an opinion about this website or about the concept? Do not hesitate to leave a comment!

lundi 2 juin 2008

TV gratos sur le web avec Wizzgo

Depuis l'écriture de cette article, Wizzgo a fermé après avoir été condamné, plus d'info ici:

Wizzgo, condamné en référé, fait appel.

Je vous avais déjà parlé de Zattoo qui permet de voir les chaînes publiques nationales gratuitement sur le web, Zattoo: la TV gratos sur le web.

Wizzgo quant à lui vous permet d’enregistrer les programmes diffusés sur la TNT française. TF1, France 2-3-4-5, Arte, M6 … 18 chaînes en tout :


TNT est l’abréviation de Télévision Numérique Terrestre, une technologie qui permet de diffuser un signal numérique via le réseau hertzien. Plus d’info sur la TNT en France sur le site

Sur Wizzgo, vous faites votre shopping dans la grille des programmes. Les programmes sélectionnés sont consultables après leur diffusion, on ne peut donc pas les voir en direct, mais c’est aussi un gros avantage car comme avec un magnétoscope, on regarde les programmes quand on veut.

Allez vite télécharger Wizzgo et n’hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire pour dire ce que vous en pensez.

samedi 19 avril 2008

User Interface for Google contents and applications

The video in a bigger format: Dream User Interface for Google applications.

The idea of this user interface came from the time I waste explaining simple thing in Emails. Why explaining things (photos, events, places …) that would be obvious if they were shown in their context (photo viewer, calendar, map …).

Don’t you think that this kind of user interface could save us a lot of time?

Of course, this concept is not restricted to Google, but it was easier to understand on well know content and applications.

Here are some web evolutions that could make the implementation of this kind of user interface easier:
  • Web content APIs: A way for a website to allow other website using their content. Here is the definition of API in Wikipedia.
  • Microformats: In summary, it is a part of a web page that can be read by human and also by software. In this way, a crawler can parse your web pages and identified piece of information like an address or an event. More information on of Microformat in Wikipedia.
  • Social network APIs: Those APIs tend to define the relationship between people. The only one I know is Google Social Graph API. And here is the definition of social graph or network in Wikipedia.
  • Open authentication: Users need only one web account to log on different web applications. The best example is Open id.

vendredi 29 février 2008

Google Reader for mobile ... Stop wasting your time in the toilets!

For 2 months now, I have been testing Google Reader for mobile on my Pocket PC (windows Pocket PC 2003 with GPRS connection). As the Google Reader web version, it is a great product. It is really great to be able to read news when you usually waste your time.

On the home page, the last 10 items are listed and you can click to expand them. In the detail of an item, pictures are displayed correctly. It also dynamically updates URLs inside the items to a mobile version if it exist. So, becomes can also navigate by tags and subscriptions.

Taking into account the fact that you really want to save page loads because of slow mobile rendering, here are for me the things that could be enhanced in this product:

  • Add the possibility to define a default tag(s) and/or subscription(s). At least use the default tag defined in the web version.
  • At the end of the detail of an item, add a link to see the list of the next 10 items. For the moment, you must go back to list where there is a part of the list that you probably already checked (personally I check all the item before to click on one of them).

There is also no indication about which items were already clicked.

Here are some screenshots of the Google reader for mobile product:

Home page:
Homepage options:

Item detail:

mardi 20 novembre 2007

Plaxo pulse takes off thanks to open social

After the announce of Plaxo taking part to Google Open Social program, I got several connection's requests from Plaxo Pulse (the social feature of Plaxo). I made the link with Open Social but I was not sure that it was the only origin of this social increase. Techcrunch confirmed my feeling in this post: OpenSocial Has Been Good To Plaxo.

In the past, Plaxo was famous because it spammed the address book of their users. Not a very good strategy, but it is not the case anymore and that's a good tool. I used Plaxo as a contacts saver and calendar aggregator.
At contacts level, It allows you retrieving contacts from MSN, Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, yahoo ...
For calendars, Plaxo allows me to see in a single view my outlook professional and Google personal calendar. It is really interesting when you have to check your availability.

Their are plenty of other features that you can discover on their website:

jeudi 15 novembre 2007

Guide TV Skynet

Plus besoin de magazines TV qui s'entassent dans votre salon avec le guide TV de Skynet.

Le site du guide TV de Skynet
Lien direct vers la grille des programmes

Twitter / pierre_bonte