mardi 20 novembre 2007

Plaxo pulse takes off thanks to open social

After the announce of Plaxo taking part to Google Open Social program, I got several connection's requests from Plaxo Pulse (the social feature of Plaxo). I made the link with Open Social but I was not sure that it was the only origin of this social increase. Techcrunch confirmed my feeling in this post: OpenSocial Has Been Good To Plaxo.

In the past, Plaxo was famous because it spammed the address book of their users. Not a very good strategy, but it is not the case anymore and that's a good tool. I used Plaxo as a contacts saver and calendar aggregator.
At contacts level, It allows you retrieving contacts from MSN, Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, yahoo ...
For calendars, Plaxo allows me to see in a single view my outlook professional and Google personal calendar. It is really interesting when you have to check your availability.

Their are plenty of other features that you can discover on their website:

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