samedi 19 avril 2008

User Interface for Google contents and applications

The video in a bigger format: Dream User Interface for Google applications.

The idea of this user interface came from the time I waste explaining simple thing in Emails. Why explaining things (photos, events, places …) that would be obvious if they were shown in their context (photo viewer, calendar, map …).

Don’t you think that this kind of user interface could save us a lot of time?

Of course, this concept is not restricted to Google, but it was easier to understand on well know content and applications.

Here are some web evolutions that could make the implementation of this kind of user interface easier:
  • Web content APIs: A way for a website to allow other website using their content. Here is the definition of API in Wikipedia.
  • Microformats: In summary, it is a part of a web page that can be read by human and also by software. In this way, a crawler can parse your web pages and identified piece of information like an address or an event. More information on of Microformat in Wikipedia.
  • Social network APIs: Those APIs tend to define the relationship between people. The only one I know is Google Social Graph API. And here is the definition of social graph or network in Wikipedia.
  • Open authentication: Users need only one web account to log on different web applications. The best example is Open id.

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Rohan a dit…

Why can't this be done on iGoogle?

Pierre a dit…

It could be done in IGoogle, but I do not think that we can manage drag & drop from one widget to another in IGoogle.

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